Bodega Bay Drink
Bodega Bay Drink

To offer a guilt free solution to socialise with alcohol, without compromising taste or quality.

We believe Bodega Bay can evolve how alcohol is consumed and the culture around it for the betterment of our friends and our planet.


We have discovered the next generation of alcoholic drink.

We love that we live in an ever evolving culture focussed on the importance of happier and healthier lifestyles without complete abstinence.

We have discovered the next generation of alcoholic drink, naturally curated to refresh the senses and designed to fit with a modern lifestyle, Bodega Bay is focused on challenging the current market norms and changing behaviour for the future.

Bodega Bay Drink
Bodega Bay Drink

My friends and I have always craved more choice when socialising with moderation.

During a sunset surf session, chatting in the water with some locals, in Bodega Bay, California; these lean and happy locals told us about a new type of alcoholic drink taking the US by storm…Hard Seltzers.

So it hit us, we could use our experience to create our own refreshing Hard Seltzer with quality alcohol, sparkling water and natural fruit flavours…nothing else…so we did, we hope you like it!

We believe in evolving balance without compromise.


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