Bodega Bay Drink
Our belief

We believe in evolving balance. Without compromise.

Our belief is that drinking is good, it is a central part of our culture and we want to inspire a generation to drink differently.

Something better than the same old drinks with the same old tastes. We can give the choice of delicious low-calorie alternatives delivered sustainably instead of the low quality, high calorie and high sugar options pumped out by corporations.

A guilt free solution to socialise with alcohol, without compromising taste or quality.


We have discovered the next generation of alcoholic drink.

We love that we live in an ever evolving culture focussed on the importance of happier and healthier lifestyles without complete abstinence.

We have discovered the next generation of alcoholic drink, naturally curated to refresh the senses and designed to fit with a modern lifestyle, Bodega Bay is focused on challenging the current market norms and changing behaviour for the future.

Bodega Bay Drink
Bodega Bay Drink
Our Story

Our founder Charlie has travelled and lived across the globe most of his life. Surfing in some of the world’s most beautiful locations and encountering the most varied communities from Indonesia to California, from Australia to Chile.

The Aha! moment came to Charlie while chatting in the water with local surfers during a sunset in Bodega Bay on the coast of California. Charlie stumbled across an idea… one which could help fulfil his vision. A vision to use business to serve healthy hedonists and fuel charitable works in the global community. 

Charlie’s board became his boardroom, and it was from here that he launched a business with a mission to create quality drinks for other healthy hedonists.

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